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A revenge Capiz could not abort

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Horror from the island of Capiz

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Kamagong was crafted by Kali Sinra a monk of  "Order of the Black Condor". Made from two oaken wood rods…

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Miyo'o (the hidden blade)

Forged by a master swordsman and a blacksmith, Kakushi Mitsurugi, this katana sword was made from a very special metal…

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The Shelf of Scrolls

  • Knowledge Arcana re-released! 16 Apr 2010 | 1:01 pm

    Knowledge Arcana is re-released with a new layout and a new lease on life. In the premiere re-release Issue Knowledge Arcana introduces you to the world of Ayric. The introductory story takes place in the small country of Domer’el, a recently settled area with it’s birth marred with battle.

    During the days of settlement a terrible three headed dragon, outcast from her own land and settled in the northern rocky hills, became interested in the powers of the wizards below. The dragon attempted to enslave these people by casting sleep on one or two of her heads and entering the dreams of the settlers.

    Original Features

    Knowledge Arcana Issue #0 is jam packed with gaming goodness. The introductory adventure path, Veil of Deceit, tells the tale of the dragon as she begins her escape from the prison she has been placed in. Inside this adventure path are two adventures, one for players who wish to side with Jonethan, the founder of Domer’el and one for players who wish to side with Wa’an Apla Teski, the…

  • Summer Road Map 1 Apr 2010 | 1:00 pm

    With summer almost here and spring on it’s way out the door it is time to plan out the summer road map. Viewers of my pages may have noticed the significant down time as I upgraded my software from Mambo too the Joomla! CMS. With this upgrade came only some minor changes; the content was salvaged.

    I’ve looked over my spring road map and I am pretty pleased with my progress in completing that road map. I have merged the Shelf of Scrolls with my WeBlog here and I have even put up some code to start working on a Traipse Meta server. The Image Repository is not complete, but I do have a nice collection of usable images. There are more that I need to upload so they will come in time.

    For an exciting event, I am about to make a nice 4GB RAM module purchase. This is one of four that I will purchase so I can continue working on Codename: Trekker, my multi touch table top computer. In the meantime this…

The Freelancers Union


Empire Avenue

Traipse Dev-Shed

  • Eating My Words [Pious Paladin]

    Unfortunately it looks like I am going to need to eat my words. There will be a Fog of War. For some time now I have been working on a new effects layer. I was hoping I…

  • The New Effects [Pious Paladin]

    I’ve thought long and hard about how I will be making the effects appear after I made the change to the map and I am still not 100% sure how I will apply them. In this post…

  • Devil’s Dice

    One of the saddest things I have seen is the parting of the OpenRPG community. Not just version wise, but the different versions have caused the community to speak badly of each other. “This version is better…