Pious Paladin Snapshot

Build: {130819-00}

Download the development snapshot of Pious Paladin: pious-beta.zip

If you have Mercurial installed you can also clone the repository: hg clone http://tech.madmathlabs.info/index.cgi/pious-beta/

  • This is an Beta development snap shot of Pious Paladin. Not everything works but the major structures are the there.
  • During Beta your input is very important to the development of the software. If you want something change, improved, or added .. let us know.
  • Pious Paladin is being developed with Python 2.7.1 and PyQt 4.8.3 in mind.
  • Pious Paladin has been tested with Python versions 2.6.4+, older versions will not work.

Once you have the Pious Paladin source you will need the correct PyQt version to run it. Head over to the Resources page to snag them.

Download Traipse
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Wednesday, 06 January 2010 05:40
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Current Stable: Ornery Orc {110114-00}

Installing Traipse is easy with the various files you can download. Let me save you a headache and ensure you get the correct file so you can have an easier life.

System Requirements

  • Platform: OS independent (untested on hand held devices)
  • Python: 2.5.4 - 2.6.5: Download (2.6.5) Win32 Win64 MacOSX
  • wx.Python: - 2.10.1: Download (2.10.1) Win32 Win64 MacOSX

Setup Utility: Traipse.zip


Installing Python, wxPython

The installation process is fairly straight forward.

  • Download the Python install file for the correct architecture of your operating system, 32bit or 64bit.
  • Download the wxPython install file for the correct architcture of your operating system, 32bit or 64bit.
  • Install Python. If you have a previous version the installer will cleanly update or remove it for you.
  • Restart your PC.
  • Install wxPython

And you are done. You can now install Traipse.

Installing Traipse

  • Ensure you have installed the system requirements and you have downloaded the latest Traipse setup utility ZIP package.
  • Extract the source code from the ZIP package and run the setup.py file.
  • A window will pop-up and Traipse will begin downloading the source code from the Assembla page.
  • Once the download has completed you can close the window and start Traipse.

Traipse places the Core of the source inside a folder called System. This design aspect is for users who want to tinker with the code. That user can re-run setup.py if they break their code too far and not lose any changes but still get new source in a new System folder.

To run Traipse use the Traipse.pyw file.


Linux Users

Thanks to supporters a new one click method of installation has been created for Linux users. The two ZIP files provided contain a binary file that installs Traipse and places it's startup files inside your 'Games' section of your menu. To install the files you will need to extract the binary from the ZIP file, and then give it execute permissions. Double click the binary file afterwards and choose your install location.

Traipse 32bit Installer

Traipse 64bit Installer

To run Traipse use the Traipse.pyw file, or execute Traipse from the 'Games / Traipse OpenRPG' menu

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